About Us

Understanding how the horse learns is the key to good training

McLean Reitsport is a small family company with a very international back ground. We love training and educating horses and our passion is to learn. Warwick is Australian and Carolina is Finnish and together we have worked in Sweden, Finland, Australia, England and now in Germany.

McLean Reitsport prides itself on customer care and attention to detail in all aspects of  training horses. We are very passionate instructors, love riding and competing.

We have a lot experience from many great trainers and a variety of competition disciplines, we work on the responsiveness of the horse combined with body control, seat and consistency. We want to have safe, well educated horses and make all riders not only good riders but great horse trainers.


We are leaders in the sport horse industry, we can help you understand and analyze how your horse performs, behaves and why. Our insight into how the horse interprets signals and aids complements many training methods, making us aware of what aspects of training can be difficult for the horse to understand.

Whether you would like to reach that next level in training and competitions or are looking for a horse that's perfect for you and your goals, then please get in touch. We're here to help!