McLean Reitsport train and educate young horses to Grand Prix level. We have a lot of experience from young horses, problem horses and educating horse up to Grand Prix level.
At Reitsportzentrum Gehlenhof we have a great location and facilities to give our horses the best.

We take horses in for Sales training, Part training and Full training. We are happy to help with any problem (loading, rearing backing etc).

We base our training and teaching on Warwick's Father, Dr. Andrew McLean, and the AEBCs system of Learning Theory. We have been lucky to always have good trainers and good horses to learn from. At home we have horses in training for backing and further education but also take horses in for selling. Our main work is dressage training but we also have horses in training that show confusion and problem behavior. Warwick has a lot of experience with difficult horses and he has backed over thousands of horses.
In Germany we are very lucky to get to follow and train with some of the best trainers in the world, so we are constantly evolving and learning more to become better horse trainers and riders.